Milti-Line SIP

What is Multi-line Dedicated SIP?

What is Multi-line SIP is a replacement for older technologies like  ISDN2, ISDN2 Enhanced & ISDN10/20/30. These technologies used a digital phone line network technology that carries voice and data services over the public switched telephone network But with the evolution of NBN in Australia and the Eventual decommissioning of the old ISDN network these services will eventually need to be replaced.

Multi-line SIP is a networking solution provided by Emerge Internet to allow companies to stagger technology changes and replace ISDN with SIP technologies that do not run over the internet but utilise dedicated data links to deliver voice services with Emerge switching to public switched telephone network and delivered over our high quality carrier grade network using MPLS technology.

We also have the ability to deliver SIP services as an ISDN10/20/30 line to enable you to maintain your existing phone system and replace with your normal lifycycle updates.

SIP Trunking

How much does it cost?

There are 2 components to Milti-line SIP. The data service & the SIP (phone) service and we can deliver in 2 methods:

  • Dedicated Trunks or
  • Multi-service

Dedicated services are simple and recommended for higher usage requirements where you need 100 or more lines.

Multi-service runs a separate vLan down an existing service which may already run multiple vLan's for other services like Internet, MPLS or cloud connectivity services like Microsoft ExpressRoute or Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect.

We generally recommend you overestimate your data requirements and allow 120Kb per channel even thought he SIP service only requires 100Kb


Add your data service to your SIP channels required. We charge no extra to run a multi service trunk to add it to your existing Emerge Internet service:

Then add $35 per channel per month (including Local, National & Mobile calls)

All services are subject to a service qualification and pricing is indicative only.

While we support NBN and ADSL services we recommend you install a separate line for these at a cost of $300

VoIP International Rates