Cloud Phone System

Grows with you

Cloud Phone is the only Virtual PBX phone system you'll ever need. Built to be future-proof and scalable, you can easily add capacity for extra staff and new offices as your business grows.

Work anywhere

You aren't limited to a single office location. Connect your main office, regional branches and even home offices into a single centrally-managed phone system.

Cloud simplicity

You don't need to call out IT. There's nothing to maintain, configure or secure. And you can easily setup features and call flows via the online Customer Portal.

Virtual PBX plans & pricing


$15 extension / month
  • $0 setup


$20 handset / month
  • $99 setup


$25 handset / month
  • $99 setup


$30 handset / month
  • $99 setup

Upgrade to Cloud PBX. Reduce Costs and Gain Superior Functionality.

Cloud based PBX systems are fully scalable, offer unprecedented flexibility, require low capital expenditure and are virtually maintenance free.

Easily Scalable and No Telephone Lines Necessary

Create a fully functional business PBX system with only 2 extensions at a fraction of the cost of an on-premise system. Add extensions as your business grows to as many as required. Rapid provisioning means any new extensions are activated and configured within hours, not days. Save costs and gain complete flexibility by not having to install traditional telephone lines.

Fully Portable and Free Inter-Account Calls

Physical installation of the PBX system is limited to connecting the IP phones to your broadband network. There is no other on-premise equipment, and to relocate all you have to do is unplug the handsets and transfer to the new premises. Calls are free between PBX extensions, regardless of where they are in the world.

Low Equipment Cost and Virtually No Maintenance

Equipment cost is limited to the purchase of the IP handsets with a large selection of business grade phones costing less than $100. There is no other on-premise equipment necessary and that means no on-going maintenance.

All Features, Functions and Software Updates Included

The system comes complete with every feature and function that your business may need. They can be utilised depending on your business requirements. As opposed to IP-PBX systems which require regular software updates, a hosted PBX system is delivered as a complete service. It's always up to date with the latest software.

One Company System and Immediate Configuration

Being cloud based, hosted PBX extensions can be configured onto one system and used anywhere there is a suitable broadband connection. Businesses can then deploy extensions across any number of offices, remote sites, and even overseas. Make immediate changes to system configuration without the need for a PBX technician.

Superior Reliability and Redundancy

Being an enterprise grade Virtual PBX system, it comes with full redundancy and a disaster management process. Automatic failover to an alternative site and immediate restoration through auto-provisioning will ensure your business stays connected.

Hosted PBX vs On-Premise

Hosted PBX vs On-Premise

Hosted or Virtual PBX is the replacement technology for traditional phone systems. You can reduce your costs and capital expendituregain features and functionality, and improve business efficiency by upgrading your PBX system.

  • On-Premise systems need to be installed on-site requiring significant capital expenditure and installation costs, including programming and maintenance expenses. And if your business moves locations, it needs to be re-installed and re-programmed.
  • A Virtual PBX system doesn't require any physical telephone lines or any PBX equipment to be installed at the premises. There is no maintenance or on-site programming and relocating is as simple as un-plugging the IP phones.
  • With Virtual PBX, there is only one system for the whole business and includes any remote extensions. If your business has multiple offices or remote workers, there is no need to install separate PBX systems or phone lines.
  • A Virtual PBX system comes with all the features and functions that can be turned on and off as required. Unlike On-Premise Systems, there is no need to install additional functionality or organise a technician visit.
  • Virtual systems are easily scalable with rapid provisioning of new extensions. IP phones are auto provisioned through the broadband connection and don't require any physical programming.
  • A virtual system offers superior business continuity and disaster recovery functions with immediate failover and reinstatement of services. An on-premise system needs to be re-installed in case of an emergency situation such as a fire.
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